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                      Challenge yourself!  Try some of the projects below
    Just a reminder - username is your first initial last name and lunch code (no spaces) and your password is lunchcode twice.
    For example - jsmith1234 and 12341234


    Animated Name

    Use your name or initials and animate each one as a separate sprite.


    Make a Band

    Use instruments for your sprites, and make a band.  See if you can program different notes, and have instruments play together or separately. HINT:  Under sound, try the Play Note block and the Set Instrument to. CHALLENGE:  Have music get louder and softer, faster and slower.


    Dance Party

    Make one or two sprites have a dance party.  Try to match the movements to the music or drum beat.  HINT:  You will need multiple costumes.  CHALLENGE:  Have a friend take your picture in a couple different poses, and use yourself as your sprite.



    Create two or more sprites, and program a conversation.  Make it a story! Be sure that the sprites take turns talking, and don’t talk over each other!  HINT: Under Control, use the wait block.  CHALLENGE:  Use pictures of yourself and a friend for the sprites.  CHALLENGE 2:  Record audio and use sound for the conversation.


    Paint Box

    Turn Scratch into a drawing pad! See if you can make a line that follows your mouse movements.  HINT:  Under Motion, use Go To mouse point.  Will need a forever loop.  CHALLENGE:  Make line change colors.  See if you can make the pen up and pen down follow a mouse click.



    Make a digital card – birthday, valentine, just to say hi etc.  Will use any and all of the skills to make it interactive.


    Virtual Pet

    Make a virtual pet.  Design your pet’s room, with all the accessories that your pet needs.  See if you can make your pet eat, sleep, talk (what would your pet say?).  Try using a picture of an actual pet as the sprite.



    Draw a maze, and have an interactive sprite go through the maze.  Can use the mouse or arrow keys.  HINT:  Draw your own background.  Under Control, you will need to use the If blocks.

    HINT:  How To Make a Scratch Maze



    Create a pong game.  Best to start with one paddle and one bouncing ball. 

    HINT: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tip_bar=getStarted


    Balloon Pop

    Create a game with balloons that float on the screen, and pop when they are clicked on. 

    HINT: http://projects.codeclub.org.uk/en-GB/01_scratch_01/index.html and scroll to #3.