• Parts of a Flower - Second and Third Grade Haikus

    Posted by Analis Bans on 9/26/2016

    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Scarlet


    Stem helps to balance

    Petal beautiful colors

    Like red and orange



    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Abigail


    Flowers are special

    Petal grows and grows a lot

    Stem holds flower up



    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Angeleen


    Flowers grow pretty

    Because flowers have colors

    Flowers grow babies


    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Sergio


    The blue sky are some

    Petals grow in the sky high

    Colors are brightest


    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Racelynn


    Petal the stern tree

    Have petal the pink baby

    Petal loves baby

    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Gabriela


    Stamen is the big ball

    Petals make the flower beautiful

    Style is the skinny line


    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Analeiha


    The plants are growing

    Stems hold flowers up to live

    Petals grow and grow


    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Rodrigo


    Flowers grow a lot

    Trees have beautiful leaves

    Plants need water and sun


    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Jose Mario


    Stems grow and grow more

    Sepal protects most petals

    Ovary babies


    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Daniel C.


    Petal grows and grows a lot

    My favorite colors is yellow

    Stem holds flower up

    Parts of a Flower Haiku By Sofia


    Stem helps to hold it

    Petals are so colorful

    Stigma is awesome


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  • Opportunity Drawing

    Posted by Analis Downer on 10/26/2015

    It's that time of year again! Contact our school for more information.


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  • Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant

    Posted by Analis Downer on 3/1/2015

    Captain Cooper Elementary School receives grant from Whole Kids Foundation with aim to improve children's nutrition. 

    Big Sur, CA (March 1, 2015) – Captain Cooper Elementary School will receive a grant to expand a garden through Whole Kids Foundation’s School Garden Grant Program, which was created in partnership with Food Corps to help schools grow students’ relationships with food through gardening.

    The Foundation has extended $5.5 million in grant funds to over 2,700 schools and garden-related nonprofits throughout the country, which will support a broad range of projects including raised bed garden constriction, vertical gardens, and larger-scale expansions in schools, outdoor classroom projects, composting and collecting rainwater collection.

    “We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for the School Garden Grant Program” says Nona Evans, executive director of Whole Kids Foundation. “It is so inspiring to see the diversity and creativity in the types of gardens that will be planted across the country and the interaction between students and their communities.

    In addition to funding, each grant recipient will receive a package of garden starter items, including seeds from High Mowing Organics, and a School Garden Resource Guide with a wealth of information on resources and how to build and sustain gardens to ensure long-term success.

    For more information on how to apply for a school garden grant and learn about additional Whole Kids Foundation programs, visit: wholekidsfoundation.org 

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  • 'Six star' school garden dinner starring Big Sur's hottest new chef, from a teacher's perspective.

    Posted by Analis Downer on 10/24/2014
    On October 24, 2014 Monterey County Weekly posted a story on their website about Captain Cooper's garden fundraiser. Below is an excerpt for the post. To read the whole story please visit www.montereycountyweekly.com 

    Here they are:

    “The Story of the First-Ever Six-Star Dinner” is the story of Captain Cooper Elementary School’s garden fundraiser.

    The first star: Cooper’s garden needed help.

    For 20 years, the Children’s Garden at the school has provided students with a year-round connection to the earth’s bounty of plants, vegetables and herbs.

    It is one acre of beauty whether measured by the peek of the Pacific Ocean, or by its output: a small orchard of 16 fruit trees, 20 raised vegetable beds, two grape arbors, two native-plant beds, a berry patch and a greenhouse.

    The garden is also one of the first organic school gardens in the Carmel Unified School District.

    The garden class is taught by Fletcher Tucker, who oversees its upkeep, and is attended by all the Cooper and Apple Pie pre-school kids.

    In the spring the school was informed that a large grant, unfortunately, would not be able to match the district’s significant contribution to help fund the garden and garden teacher as it had for many years.

    So in June teachers and parents brainstormed for fundraising ideas to ensure the garden could continue in 2014-15 and beyond.

    The result: an opportunity drawing. The winner would get a garden-to-table dinner at Cooper for four people prepared by Ventana Inn executive chef Paul Corsentino.

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  • Pictures of the Garden

    Posted by Analis Downer on 8/1/2014
    These raised beds hold the three sisters. 3rd grade students planted these beds.
    In the background is our terraced wisteria outdoor classroom.  
    A giant sunflower towers over the garden.  
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