Room 16 Homework Guidelines
       The weekly homework packet describes all of the homework for the week and goes home on Monday. Homework is due on Friday unless otherwise noted. Homework usually consists of a math assignment, spelling or language arts, and reading. 
       Fourth graders should be reading at home for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.  Reading can include silent reading, reading aloud, or being read to by an adult. Listening to recorded books is also an acceptable form of daily reading.  During silent reading, students should attempt to read a book in their Zone of Proximal Development, or assessed reading level, which will be sent home for parents in the fall and again in winter.  In general, students can comprehend audiobooks two levels above their assessed reading level.  Reading aloud to students is encouraged.
       The spelling word list also goes home on Monday after a pretest. Students study the misspelled words from the pretest using the Spelling Menu, and take the final spelling test on Friday. 

       Math fact tests are administered on Tuesday.  The results go home for continued practice until 97% accuracy is achieved.  Students then continue on to the next quiz level. 

       Other curriculum-related projects may be assigned throughout the year.

       Thank you for your support with homework. 
        Denise Lebel
Last Modified on August 8, 2021