• important weather alert


    Weather Emergencies

    In the event of significant weather, the Superintendent, in coordination with staff, will make decisions on school and district closures. There may be levels of closure - individual schools, all schools or all district.  

    In order to acknowledge the need for families (staff included) to make alternate arrangements, we will always message out as early as possible. However, the weather changes quickly and forecasts are not always accurate, so we want to wait until we are sure the weather is significant before messaging out. 

    We will make decisions the day before around 4 p.m., in time to notify by 5:00. p..m., around 9 p.m. to notify by 10 p.m., and around 4 a.m., to notify at 5 a.m. the day of. Decisions could progress as time warrants. An example would be the decision to go hybrid at 5:00 p.m. but at 4:00 a.m. conditions have deteriorated and we could change to closed. We are hopeful that this cadence will help families and employees make better preparations.

    To help inform these difficult decisions, the Superintendent will communicate with other local education leaders and local emergency services agencies.


    Power Outages

    In the event that a power outage impacts the regular phone number, you may use these alternate lines for urgent calls. Please restrict your use of these numbers to urgent messages only, as there is only a single line for each school.

    Adult School – 624-8747

    Apple Pie – 667-2921

    Cachagua – 659-5209

    Carmel – 625-1351

    Carmel High School – 626-4313

    Carmel Middle School – 624-0839

    Cooper – 667-2452

    Carmel Valley High School – 624-4487

    District Office – 622-9958

    River School – 624-6633

    Tularcitos – 659-1049

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