• European Language Portfolio - Junior Version by CiLT The National Centre for Languages
    Printable Language Biography where students can track their own learning accomplishments and goals. 

    CUSD Spanish Language Objectives & Self Reflections

     How I learn languages  - Spanish

            I use a game or rhyme to help me remember words.

            I learn several words or phrases in a given time.

            I say words to a rap or a beat.

            I ask someone to speak more slowly.

            I use a gesture or mime to show I understand.

            I think of something funny to remind me of a word.

            I work with a friend to make up a role play or sketch.

            I look at the face of the person speaking to me and listen attentively.

            I record myself to hear whether my pronunciation is good.

            I practice new words by saying them under my breath.


            I can understand the teacher’s instructions.

            I can do actions to a story or poem as I hear it.

            I can play “Simon Says”.

            I can understand questions about myself.

            I can understand a range of different stories.

            I can follow someone else’s conversation.

            I can act out the meaning of sentences.

            I can follow a short story.

            I can match words which I hear with pictures.

            I can recognize important words in a story or song.


            I can count from 1-10.

            I can sing a song.

            I can say a rhyme.

            I can name the colors.

            I can say the days of the week.

            I can say the months.

            I can name some foods.

            I can name some animals.

            I can say the alphabet.

            I can name objects in the classroom.

            I can count from 20-100.

            I can count from 10-20.

            I can act in a sketch (skit).


            I can read a poem.

            I can read an e-mail message.

            I can read the names of some objects.

            I can read a post card.

            I can read a short dialogue.

            I can read a short story.


            I can write a post card.

            I can write my name,  age and where I live.

            I can write an email message.

            I can label objects.

            I can write a short dialogue.

    (CiLT The National Centre for Languages;

    European Language Portfolio, Junior Version)