I am thrilled to be teaching fourth grade again at Tularcitos, and am incorporating some of what I have learned overseas (in Europe and the Middle East) into our classroom culture. This is my 15th year of teaching. I taught 1st and 4th grade at Spreckels, 5th grade in Saudi Arabia, and this is my 8th year at Tularcitos (I took a year off to teach overseas).

    I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, and our class:

    I am originally from Vienna, Austria and moved to the beautiful Central Coast after graduating high school in Austria. After having spent time both on the East and West Coast, I have lived in this area for about 16 years.

    I have two fabulous, wonderful, amazing children: Chelsea is 27, and Kelvin is 24. I also have an adorable grandson named Levi, who is six years old.

    I was known as owning a zoo, but I gave my animals away to great homes before moving to Saudi Arabia. I now only have my two lovable Dachshunds, Zeus and Athena, along with my fluffy cat, Cleo. And then there is Fritz, our class leopard gecko.

    I am looking forward to a fabulous fourth grade year, where we will establish ourselves as mathematicians, readers, writers, scientists, and historians!

    Your Partner in Learning,

    Ms. Hoover

Driving a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka
In Saudi Arabia I wore an abaya.
A beauty camel at the Came Festival near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Sunflower field in Austria. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.
My daughter Chelsea and I.
Levi at the rodeo.