Our Weekly Sharing Circle
         Every Wednesday, we have a sharing circle where I encourage children to share something, tell about it, and ask for questions & comments. 

    Please help your child choose something from the following list:

    ·       A story they have written or can tell

    ·       An artifact from nature

    ·       A favorite book

    ·       An art project/creation/construction

    ·       A postcard/money/artifact from another country

    ·       An item relating to our current theme

    ·       A family item/ tradition/recipe/photograph/story etc.

    ·       A joke or a poem

    We will have a sharing circle every Wednesday, but children will share just once a month.  Children should carry their“sharing” to school in a bag or their backpack, and be able to store it in their cubbies or backpacks.

    For special items (e.g. family pet or sibling) please speak to me ahead of time.  

        Unfortunately, children may not share toys or stuffed animals. There is also a school policy that there are no weapons allowed at school, (i.e. no toy guns, swords, etc.).  Please stick to the suggested list above. 
    Thank you!

    Below are the children’s sharing days for the year.  Please remind your child and/or mark it on a calendar when it is his/her sharing day. 


       Week  1- Adam, Beckett, Bennett, Calvin, Capri

       Week  2- Carson, Cooper, Eva, Faith, Hayden

       Week  3- Holden, Kory, Leila, Lucas, Maisie

       Week  4- Melissa, Morgan, Noah, Sofia, Zili

Last Modified on March 16, 2020