• Age of Exploration Project


    Get ready to travel, students! You will be going back in time and immersing yourself in the Age of Exploration!

    Explorer Simulation Groups:
    1. Victor, Norah, Sebastian, Liam, Averil sailing on the good ship of Thee Pickled Pickle for the country of Portugal
    2. Luke, Scarlette, Jacob, Ryan, Bella, Maggie sailing on the good ship of The North Face for the country of Spain
    3. Kirigin, Caden, Caleb, Karen, Megan, Robert sailing on the good ship of Shark's Bait for the country of Portugal
    4. Kyler, Tasuku, Zachary, Maile, Rainn, Claire sailing on the good ship of Drumanuggets for the country of Portugal 
    In addition to participating in our Explorer's Simulation, reading the novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and learning about the Age of Exploration in a variety of other ways, each student will "Adopt an Explorer" and research the following:


    1. Birth year and years of exploration


    2. Dates and locations of expeditions


    3. Goal(s) of the mission


    4. Sponsor (who/which country paid for the expedition)


    5. Accomplishments/discoveries



    Extra Credit:
    Provide students with "memorabilia" or artifacts for their Explorer’s Notebooks; this can be a picture, map, fake gold, spice, silk, anything that represents your explorer.

    Explorers to Study


    Henry Hudson:  Victor

    Leif Eriksson:  Robert

    Prince Henry the Navigator: Sebastian

    Vasco da Gama: Scarlette

    Amerigo Vespucci: Caden

    Francisco Pizarro: Maile

    Samuel de Champlain: Bella

    Marco Polo: Luke

    Christopher Columbus: Kyler

    Hernando Cortes: Megan

    Jacques Cartier: Ryan

    Juan Ponce de Leon: Kirigin & Ryan

    Bartholomeu Dias: Magnolia

    Sir Francis Drake: Averil

     Ferdinand Magellan: Karen

    John Cabot: Rainn

    Robert de la Salle: Tasuku

    Hernando de Soto: Jacob
    Francisco Coronado: Claire
    Vasco Nunez de Balboa: Liam
    Giovanni de Verrazzano: Caleb
    Christopher Colombus: Zachary
    Juan Ponce de Leon: Norah