Ms. Robinson
    Room -1
    Classroom Management
    Character Counts-Students will be encouraged to follow the Six Pillars of Character in their actions and words. The six pillars are Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, and Trustworthiness.
    We have made classroom rules which fall under our Six Pillars of Character
    1. Try your best
    2. Be Safe
    3. Be Kind
    We have also discussed what “Give Me Five” looks like
    1. Sitting Correctly
    2. Hands still
    3. Ears are listening
    4. Eyes are watching
    5. Lips are zipped

    Counting and Cardinality
    I can count to 100 by ones.
    I can count to 100 by tens.
    I can count forward from a given number.
    I can count, write, and show numbers from 0 to 20.
    I can identify groups that are greater than, less than, and equal to, using objects.
    Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    I can show that I understand addition and subtraction.
    I can put together objects that show numbers to 10 and break the objects up into parts.
    I can quickly add and subtract within 5.
    Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
    I can show that I understand numbers from 11 to 19.
    Measurement and Data
    I can describe and compare different weights and lengths.
    I can classify, sort, and order objects.
    I can understand the concepts of time.
    I can identify, describe, and compare shapes.
    I can make and draw shapes.
    I can combine simple shapes to form larger shapes.
    Envision Math
    The program’s philosophy has 3 key focal points:
    ☺ Conceptual Development- Interactive Learning + Visual Learning
    ☺ Ongoing Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention
    ☺ Differentiated Instruction

    Reading Literature and Informational Text
    I can identify parts of a book.
    I can name and identify the roles of the author and the illustrator.
    I can recognize common types of text.
    Reading Foundational Skills
    I can use left to right and top to bottom progression.
    I can understand print spacing.
    I can identify upper case letters.
    I can identify lower case letters.
    I can say letter sounds.
    I can identify long and short vowel sounds.
    I can understand rhyming.
    I can identify syllables.
    I can blend and segment onsets and rimes.
    I can read consonant vowel consonant words.
    I can read simple sentences.
    I can read high frequency words.
    I can use left to right and top to bottom progression.
    I can write a complete sentence.
    I can use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to create an opinion piece, informative/explanatory text, and a narrative of a single event.
    Listening and Speaking
    I can participate and ask questions in a collaborative conversation.
    I can understand and follow one and two-step directions.
    I can speak audibly and express ideas clearly.
    I can write upper and lowercase letters.
    I can write consonant vowel consonant words.
    I can recognize and name end punctuation.
    Language Arts
    We are using traditional manuscript alphabet. I have attached a copy to use with your child at home.
    In Kindergarten we have 32 High Frequency Words (Sight Words) that include the most frequently used words in literature. Please note that many high frequency words are not spelled phonetically, therefore cannot be “sounded out.” They must be memorized, so please spend time working with your child to memorize these words.
    Macmillian/McGraw-Hill California Treasures http://treasures.macmillanmh.com/california/students

    Helping Your Child With Handwriting
    Handwriting is a complex activity that involved many different skills:
    1. Control of hand muscles
    2. Eye-hand coordination
    3. Visual discrimination
    4. Memory
    Handwriting is not an easy skill to learn. Children go through many stages on the way to learning to write real letters. When helping them learn to write, be positive and give lots of praise for their efforts. Please be patient and with time and lots of practice they will succeed.
    Holding the pencil correctly is important for developing good handwriting skills, show your child how to hold the pencil between the thumb and index finger with the other fingers curled comfortably underneath, with the middle finger acting as a support. Most children show a preference for using either their left or right hand. Help them write, using the hand they prefer. When writing in our classroom we use the terms sky, grass, and dirt in order for students to grasp the idea of staying in the lines.

    Kindergarten High Frequency Words

































    Homework will start the week of Labor Day. Homework is meant to take 15 minutes two to three days a week. You will have a homework menu where your child can choose what they would like to do. Homework is due Fridays or the last day of the school week. Our homework will encompass choice/differentiation, real world/family application, and reinforcement of skills and concepts.

    As a kindergartner we are active and always on the go. Please be sure to send your child in comfortable close toed shoes. It allows them to play out on the play structure without hurting their feet. It is also helpful if you write your child’s name inside their clothes. As you know they tend to take off their layers, and it is easier to get the clothes back if their names are on them.
    If you anticipate your child might have an accident please send an extra set of clothes for them to keep in their backpack.

    Please email me the night before and call the office if you plan on changing the way your child gets home from school.

    If your child arrives after 8:40 please check your child into the office first to get a tardy slip. I take attendance and send lunch count down by 8:55 and am unable to change it.

    Lunch and Snack
    If you would like to order school lunch please email me the night before and call the office at 624-4609. Lunch count needs to be in by 9:00.
    Please be sure your child knows the difference between their snack and their lunch. It would benefit your child to bring a reusable water bottle to avoid waiting in line to get water. As an Ocean Guardian School, we promote using reusable containers, utensils, and bags for all snacks and lunches.

    Book Orders:
    I will send out a book order if you wish to order online you may do so by going to www.scholastic.com/bookclubs our Class Activation Code is GP4JD.

    Parent/School Pact
    Our School Site Council, which is comprised of staff and parents, created a goal designed to strengthen the partnership between home and school and to assist students in their academic, social and emotional growth. Together they came up with four effective child rearing practices that will greatly assist the school in raising responsible, successful, and well adjusted students. 

    PTA Important Reminders
    “The Ultimate Fundraiser” TUF runs from August 20th-31st
    ESCRIP Form is located in your folder please enroll
    PTA Membership form, sign up today. Two free annual membership dues waived per family.
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