• Curriculum 

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    Our current reading program is California Wonders from MacMillan McGraw-Hill. The program teaches comprehension and grammar skills, vocabulary, and reading/writing strategies through entertaining children’s literature. We will continue to supplement the series with some of our literature favorites as time permits throughout the year.
    Writer's Workshop:
    First and second graders will practice and master three types of writing prompts: narrative, informational and opinion. Narrative tells a story, informational explains reasons for something, and opinion explains a students' stance on a topic. 
    Reader's Workshop:
    This is a 25-minute period of reading time where students choose books at their "just right" level. The choice of book will be appropriate for the student’s reading level. Workshop is also a time to develop the love of reading in a relaxed environment. 
    Our math series will be the Pearson's enVision Common Core curriculum. This program is fast-paced, and challenging. Concepts are introduced in relation to real-world applications and practiced with games and hands-on activities. Concepts are reviewed throughout the year. We will be moving quickly through the material to introduce as much as possible before the state's standardized test.

    Grading Scale:

    90-100% T
    80-89% P
    70-79% A
    69% and below M



    Note: I do not give grades. I just record and post what students have earned. I also do not offer extra credit or retakes to bring up a grade. Second and third grades are learning years, and will be much tougher academically than in the past. I feel as though all students can rise to the challenge and gain much intellectual growth this year with effort!