• Fifth Grade Feelings: Beginning of the Year

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 8/6/2020 9:00:00 AM

    How are you feeling about this school year? Click on the word "Comment" below and reply any way you'd like! 

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  • Camp Sea Lab Reflections

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 5/24/2019

    Please share some of the memories, learnings, and lessons

    you learned from Camp Sea Lab. 



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  • Adopt a Restaurant PBL

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 1/28/2018

    Please reflect on your experience "adopting restaurants" in Carmel in order to help support the implementation of the new single-use plastic ban.



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  • Carmel High Robotics

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 2/12/2017

    Please write what you learned from our robotics field trip to Carmel High. You may write a paragraph or more, a list of things you learned, universal big ideas, etc. 

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  • Bedtime at 8p.m.?

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 1/30/2017

    A doctor has recently published a research paper which claims that all students under the age of 13 should be in bed, lights out, books put away and TV off, by 8p.m. on weeknights in order to help them learn well in school the next day. This doctor believes a good night's rest helps a student's performance in school. Do you agree or disagree with this doctor?

    Please write the following:

    1. Your name

    2. Whether you agree or disagree

    3. Your reasons/explanations for your opinion

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  • Alex and Jack Article

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 1/27/2017

    Alex & Jack


    After reading Alan Shipnuck's article on Alex and Jack, please write (1) your comments, and (2) questions for Mr. Shipnuck, Alex, and/or Jack below in preparation for his presentation on February 10th. Be sure to include your name at the top of the post. Parents can participate, too!


    Here is a link to the article:


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  • Monterey Regional Waste Management Reflections

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 11/7/2016

    Hi Room 28 Students! Please share your thoughts and reflections on our field trip to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District. What did you learn? What was memorable for you? What were some of the big ideas or "universal big ideas" you came up with from our trip?



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  • Camp Sea Lab Thoughts

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 5/22/2016

    Please write your parent(s) a quick note letting them know how you're feeling about Camp Sea Lab as you are about to head out on our big adventure!

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  • NASA

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 3/27/2016

    What did you learn from our trip to NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View? Be sure to include your name and what you learned. 

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  • Valley Forge

    Posted by Niccole Tiffany on 3/9/2016

    Please include the following in your blog post:

    (1) Your name

    (2) What you know or learned about Valley Forge and the American Revolution

    (3) Where you got your information (name of book, website, person, etc.


    Help our class learn about this event/time period in the battle for American Independence and how it was one of the "Turning Points" (along with the Battle of Saratoga) in the war.

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