• How are COWs helping CMS?

    In 2007 FOCUS awarded $15,000 to CMS to add laptops and equipment to their COWs (Computers on Wheels). This is what the kids and staff have to say about their new technology:
    We love our Computers on Wheels because:
    1. You don’t have to write your essay out by hand so it goes faster.
    2. It’s easier to type than write...
    3. So that people don’t say it’s messy handwriting and editing is easier to do.
    COW PICS 001
    4. It’s really fun to do with writers workshop and our creative writing times as well as during our essay writing times.
    5. it identifies a misspelled word with a wiggly line underneath.
    6. At the beginning of the sentence it reminds you to use a capital letter.
    Cow Pics 002
    7. If you use one word a million times, you can click on it and find a synonym for that word.
    8. It helps us use our brains more.
    9. We love our Bessie the C.O.W.
    Cows Pics 003
    10. We can go on the internet and study math on Mr. Glazier’s website with math games on it.
    11. The COWs are letting us do our reports and essays. Now we don’t have to go to the library every time to type and do research.
    12. We are thankful because we have Moodle and if we loose one of our papers we can go to Moodle to reprint the paper and get it done on time. We can go to Moodle on the COWs if we need to.
    Cows Pics 004
    13. We don’t have to go all the way to the library to write and do research.
    14. It’s easier to type on a laptop than on a regular computer.
    15. Essays have better ideas in them now!
    Cows Pics 005
Last Modified on November 25, 2008