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    Yosemite ValleyMy name is Stefan Mayer. This is my 13th year teaching at CMS; I have a total of 15 years in education. And I'm currently teaching Computer Applications Courses and a course in Algebra Readiness.
    I grew up in the southern part of San Diego County, enjoying the surf and canyons of the area. Watching the area transform from an open habitat to a vista of house tops has saddened me. But my memories live on. I remember my days of riding bikes through the canyons, surfing at the beach, and playing soccer and football on the street. When I turned 11, the Boy Scouts became a great outlet for me to learn more about the outdoors. I strove to become an Eagle Scout and did.
    After high school, I received a nomination and acceptance to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. My training and education at West Point was remarkable. Not only did I receive military training in leadership and tactics, I also majored in Science with minors in Engineering and Mathematics. My experience later in the army provided me with awareness and insight into the nature of planning, leadership, and action. Following this time, I went on to continue my study in mathematics and teaching at San Jose State and finished through Chapman University.
    My interests and hobbies include reading, writing, watching video documentaries, studying mythology, being in the great outdoors, surfing, and playing soccer.
    Technology Course
    Course Summaries: Three courses are taught at CMS for promoting technological literacy and competence. Most 6th grade students cycle through the 9 week "Tech Proficiency" course focusing on competence with commonly used software and resources in the middle grades leading to high school. The 6th grade exploratory applications course broadens the students experience with exposure to creative softwares, such as 3D modeling and Interactive Powerpoint presentations. The 7th and 8th grade advanced course will challenge the student with even greater application and evaluation of their literacy in technology.
    Algebra Readiness Course
    Course Summary: It is imperative for students to master pre-algebraic skills and concepts before they enroll in a course that meets or exceeds the rigor of Algebra I. The goal of Algebra Readiness is to prepare students for success in Algebra 1 and subsequent advanced courses. However, it is important to know that the A.R. course is not just a repeat of Pre-Algebra. The standards for this class were re-written in early 2008 to include a battery of standards directly from the Algebra 1 course of study.
    The A.R. course will be structured around active student participation. Students will discuss & present findings. Group work and partner sharing will commonly occur as part of the daily lesson routine.

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