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  • Yearbook love  CMS 2023 /2024 Yearbook! Yearbook love


    Yearbook order

    Purchase your yearbook early and save $$!  


    Ready to purchase your yearbook? Follow this JOSTENS link to purchase your student's memorable keepsake.




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  • parent square image


     Our primary tool for school-to-home communication.

     CMS uses the ParentSquare system as our primary communication system for emails and text messages to let families know about changes in schedules, our Principal's Friday Letter home, emergency situations, to communicate student absences, and more!


    For Parents:  

    1. Download the Parent Square App on your smartphone and set it on your desktop at home and create an account using the same email as you have on file with the school
    2. Click on the three lines at the top left of the screen, then select account
    3. Select Preferences
    4. Select Notifications
    5. Change text notifications to instant


     For help with the ParentSquare app, you can submit a help request at:




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    CMS Bell Schedules


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  • Incident IQ - Tech Assistance

     Is Your Chromebook on the fritz?

    Are you experiencing login issues?

    Do you need tech support?

     We can help!  Follow one of the Incident IQ links below, fill out a trouble ticket request, and a tech representative from the school district will contact you shortly.

    Incident IQ - For Students

    Incident IQ - For Parents



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  • January 25, 2024

    Carmel USD Appoints Sharon Ofek As Superintendent

    The Carmel Unified School District Board of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of the District’s current Interim Superintendent, Sharon Ofek, as the District’s next Superintendent.  The Board has authorized negotiation of a contract with Ms. Ofek which will be voted on by the Board during open session at an upcoming meeting.  The Board appreciates all who provided their input on the characteristics, traits, and experiences necessary for a successful superintendent in Carmel USD as part of this process.


    “In Ms. Ofek, the Board had the unique opportunity to select a qualified educator who aligns with many of the Leadership Profile characteristics that were determined by the community and is already an integral part of the District and community as its next Superintendent,” said Board President Jason Remynse.  “The Board particularly valued that Ms. Ofek comes to the position with knowledge of our students and community, and relationships with our teachers, staff, administrators, and stakeholders.”


    Ms. Ofek brings 30 years of experience in public education to the position, including service as a teacher, instructional supervisor, dean of students, assistant principal, and principal.  From 2016 to 2022 she served in leadership at Palo Alto Unified School District including as the Associate Superintendent of Education Services where she oversaw instruction for the district’s 19 schools.  She joined Carmel Unified School District as Deputy Superintendent in 2022, was later named Acting Superintendent in April 2023, and most recently Interim Superintendent in August.  Ms. Ofek received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Simmons College, her Multiple Subjects Credential from San Jose State University, and her Administrative Services Credential and Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Santa Clara University.


    As Acting, and later Interim Superintendent, Ms. Ofek launched the new school year with district-wide initiatives (“CUSD ABCs”) and has focused her efforts on building collaborative trust with the community, working with the Board to identify clear, achievable goals for the District, and establishing stability and consistency in District leadership essential for the District’s long-term success.  “When she joined the District as Deputy Superintendent we knew she had a proven track record of working with high-performing schools. During her time as both Deputy and Interim Superintendent, we have seen first-hand her commitment to students in our community and I look forward to her continued leadership of the District,” explained Board Clerk Seaberry Nachbar.


    “I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of students in our District and to continue to work collaboratively with the Board and all stakeholders to fulfill our shared vision for the District,” Ms. Ofek, said.  “I am confident that with our combined efforts, we can create a safe and welcoming educational environment that promotes academic excellence and responsible citizenship.”




    25 de enero de 2024


    Carmel USD nombra a Sharon Ofek como superintendente


    La Junta de Educación del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Carmel se complace en anunciar el nombramiento de la actual Superintendente Interina del Distrito, Sharon Ofek, como la próxima Superintendente del Distrito. La Junta autorizó la negociación de un contrato con la Sra. Ofek que será votado por la Junta durante una sesión abierta en una próxima reunión. La Junta agradece a todos los que brindaron sus comentarios sobre las características, rasgos y experiencias necesarios para un superintendente exitoso en Carmel USD como parte de este proceso.


    “Con la Sra. Ofek, la Junta tuvo la oportunidad única de seleccionar a un educador calificado que se alinea con muchas de las características del Perfil de Liderazgo que fueron determinadas por la comunidad y que ya es una parte integral del Distrito y la comunidad como su próximo Superintendente”, dijo El presidente de la junta, Jason Remynse. “La Junta valoró particularmente que la Sra. Ofek asuma el cargo con conocimiento de nuestros estudiantes y la comunidad, y relaciones con nuestros maestros, personal, administradores y partes interesadas”.


    La Sra. Ofek aporta al puesto 30 años de experiencia en educación pública, incluido el servicio como maestra, supervisora de instrucción, decana de estudiantes, subdirectora y directora. De 2016 a 2022 ocupó puestos de liderazgo en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Palo Alto, incluso como Superintendente Asociada de Servicios Educativos, donde supervisó la instrucción para las 19 escuelas del distrito. Se unió al Distrito Escolar Unificado de Carmel como superintendente adjunta en 2022, luego fue nombrada superintendente interina en abril de 2023 y, más recientemente, superintendente interina en agosto. La Sra. Ofek recibió su Licenciatura en Química de Simmons College, su Credencial de Materias Múltiples de la Universidad Estatal de San José y su Credencial de Servicios Administrativos y Maestría en Administración Educativa de la Universidad de Santa Clara.


    Como superintendente interina y luego interina, la Sra. Ofek lanzó el nuevo año escolar con iniciativas a nivel de todo el distrito (“CUSD ABC”) y ha centrado sus esfuerzos en generar confianza colaborativa con la comunidad, trabajando con la Junta para identificar metas claras y alcanzables. para el Distrito, y establecer estabilidad y coherencia en el liderazgo del Distrito, esenciales para el éxito a largo plazo del Distrito. “Cuando se unió al Distrito como Superintendente Adjunta sabíamos que tenía un historial comprobado de trabajo con escuelas de alto rendimiento. Durante su tiempo como superintendente adjunta y interina, hemos visto de primera mano su compromiso con los estudiantes de nuestra comunidad y espero con ansias su liderazgo continuo en el distrito”, explicó la secretaria de la junta, Seaberry Nachbar.


    "Estoy entusiasmada con la oportunidad de contribuir al crecimiento y el éxito de los estudiantes en nuestro Distrito y continuar trabajando en colaboración con la Junta y todas las partes interesadas para cumplir nuestra visión compartida para el Distrito", dijo la Sra. Ofek. "Estoy seguro de que con nuestros esfuerzos combinados, podemos crear un ambiente educativo seguro y acogedor que promueva la excelencia académica y la ciudadanía responsable".

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  • Thursday, December 14, 2023

    The CUSD Board of Education appreciates all who provided their input on the characteristics, traits, and experiences necessary for a successful superintendent in Carmel USD. 

    Please find a copy of the HYA Survey and a copy of Dr. Valerie Pitts' presentation at the December 13, 2023 Board of Education meeting linked on the Board of Education's website: https://www.carmelunified.org/Page/6370


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  • Our Mission Statement: Carmel Middle School has an academic priority based in the California State Content Standards. We will deliver these academics with creativity that stretches students toward higher level thinking skills. We are keenly interested in the whole child and will use relevant, age-appropriate, and hands-on methods that foster student appreciation for learning and the world around us. We offer a broad selection of electives and stress the importance of these electives as our students explore their personal interests. We are dedicated to providing a safe and positive learning environment where students are given opportunities to develop their abilities and confidence for life-long learning. Personal health and fitness are significant to our mission. We want students to become increasingly self-motivated to make positive, healthy contributions to our world.