• Tips on HomeworkTular Bobcats Positive Coaching


    1.  Be there

    Make yourself available during homework time and if you can not, make sure to have your child show and explain what they did for homework that day.  Your child will get the picture that homework is important if your interest in it is high.


    2.  Be supportive

    Make sure you are using positive words and compliments before you point out any errors or corrections.  Use praise that is honest and sincere. Use criticism or encouragement that is about the quality or quantity of the work, not the child personally.


    3.  Keep your eyes on the prize

    Grades reflect just one aspect of your child’s growth so don’t forget about personal qualities, effort and improvement. 


    4.   You don’t have to be an authority

    To model that you are a life long learner too, let you child know sometimes you have to look things up or go to other sources to find things out too.  It’s great to say, “I don’t know”, but let’s find out.


    5.  Perfectionism

    Don’t expect it, don’t demand it, don’t cling to it.  Research shows that successful students tend to come from families that have realistic expectations. 


    6.  Expect your child to think

    Solving all the problems, answering all the questions without giving your child a chance to think about how to do their homework defeats the purpose.  It also sends the message that you think they are not capable of doing it which lowers self esteem.  Kids get self esteem when they accomplish something.


    7.  Have some fun!

    Homework can be a fun, creative and enriching time for you family.  It is definitely worth the effort and your child will develop a valued work ethic that will carry through life.

Last Modified on November 16, 2011