• Responsibility Assembly
    September, 2009
                                                                                           Fifth Grade Hosts
    Photos:  Bruce Haase

    The fifth grade classes hosted our first Character Counts Assembly and introduced all the pillars to the students in Bobcat Hall.  Each class also did a skit about ways to be responsible and irresponsible. Mrs. Colon had students sing in Spanish and Mr. Short led the last song.  Great fun was had by all.  Goooo....., Bobcats!
    Karin  Quinn
    Mrs. Camilli lead us off.                                               Quinn holds the pillar for Caring.

    anaseini    Jimmy
    Anaseini reads the pillar definition that Mr. Bonynge"s          Jimmy tells the crowd about Trustworthiness.
    class wrote.

    girlssing   genegroup

    Singers for "Who will Care for the World?"                      Mr. Short lead, "Mom, Where"s My Jacket?"

    makena feeet  juliana

    Mrs. Armstrong's class shows how to be irresponsible    Juliana painting her nails in Mr. Bonynge"s class skit.
    in the classroom.  Yikes!

    ball  morgan

    Ms. Simmon"s class shows responsibility in the community.  Our narrator, Morgan, wraps it all up.
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