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    $$ Bucks for Bobcats! $$


    Dear Tularcitos Families,


    It’s that time of year when we ask families and/or their businesses for a donation to the Tularcitos PTO! This year we are looking for 100% school-wide participation. If we reach that goal, we will have a school-wide ice cream party! If we reach 85% of our goal, we will have school-wide extra recess!

    “Bucks for Bobcats” is the same great program as last year. 100% of your donation goes to the school! Donate once or on a monthly, recurring basis at: www.bucksforbobcats.org  

    Where does the money go and what does my child get from the PTO?

          Average spent per child for the year:

    Field Trips



    Classroom Materials



    Teacher Grants

















    Per Student Average



    Tularcitos PTO is able to provide so many wonderful enrichment programs not available at other schools. This can only continue with your donation. We will not ask for participation in other fundraisers like selling candy or gift wrap. Promise. This is it!


    Our Goal:  100% Participation = School-wide ice cream party

    85% Participation = Extra recess

    Deadline is Friday, September 15th.

    Big or small, all donations add up!


    Most graciously, 

    Tularcitos PTO 

    Tax I.D. # 77-0010111


    Please keep this as your receipt. Amount Enclosed $___________

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    Bucks for Bobcats FAQs:

    Q: Where do I donate?

    1. You can donate online, via PayPal at www.BucksforBobcats.org

    2. You can mail in a check, payable to Tularcitos PTO, to school:

    Tularcitos PTO

    35 Ford Road

    Carmel Valley, CA 93924

    3. You can drop off a check at school. There will be a drop box outside the front office entrance. 


    Q: Why do we need to raise funds? I thought our district was fully funded by our taxes? 

    The school district covers all salary, benefits and some extracurricular activities, but not everything. Our swim program, music program, art docent program, garden, scholarships, teacher grants, etc are all covered by PTO. Great news, last year we raised 100% of our Bucks for Bobcats budgeted goals and exceeded our goal for our Tularcitos Stampede Fundraiser (formerly Spring Fling). So financially we are doing well. However, it is important to replenish reserves while saving for special projects, like our new school track, an outdoor amphitheater, or new playground equipment. Plus, we plan to spend more on events, field trips, and our 5th Grade Science camp!


    Q: What if we have financial difficulties and cannot donate now?

    We completely understand that everyone is in a different financial position. We ask families to give what you can. No one knows what is donated and it is not made public. We ask that those who might be able to give more, please do so, to help those who cannot. We are an amazing community and we’ll work together to cover any short falls.

    Click this link to donate: Bucks for Bobcats