• RtI – Response to Intervention


     What is it?

    Changes in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA) encourage Local Education Agencies (LEA) to use a process that provides early intervention for students at risk of academic and/or behavioral challenges
    Which students participate in the RtI process?

    RtI is a process that utilizes systematic screening to determine students who are at risk. Research based curricula and interventions are provided, and progress monitoring assessments are used, to determine a student's “response to intervention”. This process is referred to nationally as Response to Intervention (RtI).

    RtI is a system level response which identifies students who are not making adequate progress on the California standards in the critical areas of reading, written language and mathematics.
    Who provides RtI?

    All staff in the school take responsibility for student achievement. General and specialized program educators use formative and summative assessment data in planning for student success. There is a school wide alignment of assessment and instruction to produce positive academic outcomes for all students.

    At Tularcitos the RtI process is being implemented through the Learning Center Model. This model provides services based on student need and includes: one to one and small group direct instruction in Learning Center Rooms; co-teaching classrooms, where support is provided in the regular classroom; and before/after school targeted intervention programs. Together, with school-wide support, we work to provide for the academic success for all of our wonderful students.