• Math Differentiation Activities

    Try one of these for extra credit math points!


    Student Name: ________________________________ Topic: ________________________



    Math at Work:

    Research how one or more people use your math topic in their jobs. Write or illustrate your results.


    Visual Art


    organize a collage showing your math topic through pictures and possibly words


    Oral Presentation:

    Prepare a short oral presentation on some aspect of your current math topic. Include graphics.


    Comic or Story:

    Design a comic  or write and illustrate a children’s story that explains your math concept.


    Math Game: Create or play a math game related to your topic of study. Teach the game to others.


    Develop a math test,

    and then have at least 3 students complete it. Based upon their responses, evaluate the effectiveness of your test.


    Math Tracks:

    Create one or more multi-step equations that connect a beginning number to an end number.


    Create five problems

    on your topic, rate them according to difficulty, and defend your ratings either orally or in written form.


    Frame Activity:

    Use the depth and complexity iconic prompts to create a frame based on your math topic


    Universal Themes:

    Relate your math topic to one or more of your grade level’s universal themes. Come up with at least three examples for each universal theme.


    Guess My Word:

    Write at least 5 clues so your classmates can figure out your math vocabulary word related to your topic.



    Math in Literature:

    *Read a picture book about math and respond either using the Math Reading Response organizer or in another way.*


    Create a Math Vocabulary Book

    that includes a drawing, a sample problem, and a definition in your own words.


    Write the big idea and important details about your topic using The Important Thing organizer after reading The Important Book*


    I Am _______


    *Complete an “I Am” poem about anything related to our math topic. Have your teacher or classmates solve it.*


    Acrostic Poetry:


    Write an acrostic poem using words or  sentences related to your math topic. Make sure your words or sentences teach us about your topic!


    Create a Power Point Presentation explaining the rules for solving problems related to your topic or that teaches us something specific about your topic.


    Evaluate a Math Website

    Choose a math website and share its contents, what you liked, and what you didn’t enjoy with your class.


    Research a famous mathematician and share your findings with the class through writing, an oral presentation, pictures, and/or another art form.


    Free Choice:

    examples include

    ~sports math

    ~math in history

    ~math in music

    ~number systems

    ~anything else you can think of!


    Activity # ____________  Date Started: ____________ Date Completed: ____________


    Activity # ____________  Date Started: ____________ Date Completed: ____________


    Activity # ____________  Date Started: ____________ Date Completed: ____________
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