Dear Parents, 


    Here is your child’s homework folder.  The folder consists of the following:

     *a small reading book that your child is to read to you (Monday to Thursday).  Log the book on the reading log.  Return this book tomorrow.

     *a library book that your child has chosen for you to read to him/her (Monday to Thursday). Log this book on the reading log, too. Return this book tomorrow. 

     *a monthly homework calendar to be completed by the end of the month.

     *a monthly reading log for reading and library books, to be turned in at the end of the month.  There are comprehension questions on the log for daily oral discussions of the books.

     *a pack of laminated practice sheets, with an appropriate pen, for continual practice that can be wiped off and reused.

     *a small ziplock bag with sight words.  Practice these daily, and leave them in the larger ziplock bag.

     *any pertinent notices and completed work to be kept at home.  Whenever there are forms to complete and return to school, you can put the forms back in the large ziplock bag.  Please have your child bring the ziplock homework bag to school every day.

     Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for your assistance and support.


    Mary Bankston

    Monthly Reading Log

    Name:_______________ Month:_______________


    After reading a library book to your child, ask your child at least one of the following questions to start a discussion of the book.

    1.  Who are the characters in the story, and where did the story take place?

    2.  Retell the story.  (beginning, middle, end)

    3.  What was the problem in the story?  How was it solved?

    4.  What are some of the details from the book?

    5.  If you could change the ending of the story, how would it end?

    6.  Did you like the book?  Why or why not?


    Reading Book                                      Library Book

    Example:  I Can                                  Stellaluna


    Tularcitos Homework Philosophy


    Designing meaningful, educationally enhancing homework to meet the needs of the classroom’s diverse student population is a complex task. While homework takes time for
    teachers to create and review, time for students to complete,and time at home
    for families to support its completion, we believe it can be a valuable tool in a child’s education. Because of this, we are committed to providing quality homework assignments that are designed to accomplish the following:

    We believe homework should:
    ·Enhance a student’s depth of understanding while developing and refining intellectual skills
    ·Increase a student’s confidence in learning and build his/her identity as a successful learner
    ·Build a student’s sense of responsibility and self-reliance and develop independent learners

    · Foster positive attitudes toward learning and be a connection between home and school

    In order to accomplish this, the teacher’s responsibility is to:
    ·Thoughtfully choose assignments that areappropriate, minimal in length, and well designed
    ·Make sure there is an appropriate amount of practice that students can complete independently
    ·Offer some student choice and differentiation
    ·Use assignments and problems that are relevant to students’ lives and aligned to classroom learning
    ·Include portions that require parent involvement
    ·Give weekly packets at the primary level
    ·Give a combination of weekly/long termpackets and nightly work at the intermediate levels
    ·Ensure the homework increases slightly every year so that students are prepared for what will be expected from them in middle school
    ·Provide feedback so students can learn from their work
    ·Follow up with a student when they show a lack of understanding
    ·Keep weekends and vacations free from homework
    The student’s responsibility is to:
    · Put forth full effort on every assignment
    ·Bring the homework to and from school at the appropriate times
    ·Seek help if he/she has questions
    At the intermediate level students are also expected to:
    · Record the homework in a binder or calendar
    ·Write a note to the teacher with a parent signature explaining why they could not complete a certain homework assignment as well as their plan to complete the assignment at a later time.
    The parent’s responsibility is to:
    ·Engage in conversation with your child around what is being learned each day
    ·Provide an environment where your child can work on the homework and monitor its completion
    ·Help your child determine a schedule for the week of when homework will be completed
    ·Complete any parent portions with your child
    ·Communicate with your child’s teacher about the homework


Last Modified on August 5, 2014