• CUSD Writing Rubric
    Based on California ELA & Common Core Adjustments
    Minimal Basic 1
    Uses scribble (squiggle) writing
    Strings letters together
    Writes only in initial consonants
    Makes no attempt to write
    Does not relate writing to prompt
    Copies isolated words
    Not a complete thought

    Partial 2
    Writes a complete thought
    May contain some errors in capitalization/punctuation
    Uses some phonetic spelling and relationships
    Uses left-right/top-bottom progressions
    Is understood by the reader
    Some response to the prompt

    Adequate 3
    Writes a minimum of one correct sentence
    Uses correct punctuation
    Uses appropriate capitalization
    Uses legible penmanship
    Uses proper spacing between words
    Uses sound-symbol relationships (phonetic spelling)
    Spells 3 letter short vowel words and applies basic knowledge

     Thorough 4
    Writes two or more varied sentences related to the topic
    Uses descriptive words or phrases
    Uses phonetic spelling and standard spelling for simple words
Last Modified on September 1, 2014