I dreamed I stood in a studio

    And watched two sculptors there.

    The clay they used was a young child's mind,

    And they fashioned it with care.

    One was a teacher; the tools she used

    Were books and music and art;

    One a parent with a guiding hand,

    And a gentle, loving heart.

    Day after day the teacher toiled,

    With touch that was deft and sure,

    While the parent labored by her side

    And polished and smoothed it over.

    And when at last their task was done,

    They stood proud of what they had wrought,

    For things they have molded into the child

    Could neither be sold or bought.

    And each agreed she would have failed

    If she had worked alone.

    For behind the parent stood the school,

    And behind the teacher, the home.
    (Author Unknown)

    Dear Families,


    During the year, I will send home weekly newsletters that will include school and class news, dates to remember, and class highlights.  I would like to share my mission statement with you.  This reflects my philosophy and commitment to educating your children.


              “My mission is to provide an educational experience that will prepare your child for lifelong learning.  There are three parties responsible for success in our classrooms:  The student, the teacher, and the parent.  The student’s job is to be prepared to learn every day, show respect to others, and think critically.  My job is to provide an environment of mutual respect, a climate of wonderment, and use a variety of teaching techniques to inspire thinking.  The parent’s job is to support the student by providing for his physical and mental well being and show an active interest in his education.  We will focus on communication, critical thinking, and creative interaction.  These elements encourage individuals to engage in lifelong learning and to be successful and productive in life.”


              Here are some other items that you will need to know about my classroom:

    *My email address is mbankston@carmelunified.org and my phone number is 620-8195, ext. 3334.

    *I am always happy to have parent volunteers.  Let me know if you’re interested. (See the form in the packet.)

    *Homework will begin after Labor Day.

    *Send a healthy snack daily. Pack it separately from the lunch.

    *Pack a clean change of clothes to remain in your child’s backpack.


              Again, I look forward to a great kindergarten year, and let’s work together to provide an excellent educational experience for your child.


    Mary Bankston
    Daily Schedule

    8:40-10:15      Reading/Language Arts (1/2 Classes)

    10:15-10:45    Snack/Recess

    10:45-12:15    Math/Language Arts

    12:15-1:00      Lunch/Recess

    1:00-2:00       Centers, Art, Thematic Activities

    Specialist Schedule

    Monday           Music

    Tuesday           P.E. - Wear Sneakers

    Wednesday      Library,
    Thursday         P.E. - Wear Sneakers
    Friday              Computer Lab
    Parent Questionnaire
    Child’s Name:_______________________________________


    Parent(s) Name:_____________________________________


    Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below.  Thank you. 


    1.  List five words to describe your child.  (i.e. cheerful, shy)


    2.  What motivates your child?


    3.  What upsets your child?


    4.  What are your child’s out of school interests and activities?


    5.  Are there any personal or physical problems I should know (or

         conference privately) about?


    6.  Do you have any other comments or concerns to share?
    7.  Please list the names of the family members in your home and the ages of your  child's siblings.

    Volunteer Sign Up Form

    Dear Parents,

    We will be doing many exciting activities this year and we would love to have your help in the classroom. If you would like to volunteer at any time, please fill out this form and I will contact you. Thank you for your support!


    Please fill out this form and return to the teacher.

    Volunteer Name:____________________________

    Phone Numbers:____________________________

    Student's Name:____________________________

    Please circle your choices:

    I would like to volunteer: weekly     bi-weekly      other:______

    Days Available: M Tu W Th F

    Times Available: AM PM

    I am interested in the following volunteer opportunities:

    __chaperone field trips __classroom celebrations

    __small group tutoring __one on one tutoring

    __prepping materials for student projects (cutting, tracing, etc.)

    __special activities (speaking to class, presentations, etc.)


    Kindergarten Transportation Form

    Child’s Name:________________      Parent’s Name:_________________


    Method of Transportation

    ____Pick Up by Parent                _____Pick Up by Day Care Provider/Other   


                                                                            (i.e. T-Rex, Grandma)





    Please list how your child will go home each day for the first two weeks of school.


    Wed., Aug. ____     ________________________________________


    Thur., Aug. ____     ________________________________________


    Fri.,   Aug.  ____     ________________________________________


    Mon.,  Aug. ____     ________________________________________


    Tue.,  Aug. ____    ________________________________________


    Wed., Aug. ____     ________________________________________


    Thur., Aug. ____     ________________________________________


    Fri.,   Aug.  ____     ________________________________________




    Mrs. Mary Bankston

    Week of April 11, 2011


    Last Thursday's Fairness Assembly was wonderful. Your child looked great in orange, and the kindergarteners really belted out the song “Always Be Fair.” We made wallpaper rabbits to decorate the classroom. The art docents led us in creating owl masks with oil pastels and mod podge. In science, we made bromeliads, a rainforest flower. To end the week, we were entertained by an amazing Robotics assembly.


    This Friday afternoon we'll have an egg hunt and make a few spring crafts. Included in this week's homework pack is a KSBW Weather Kids form for your child to color. I'll send these forms to the station and let you know when your child's will be shown. The letters for the week are “Xx” and “Vv.”


    Beetles                 The Runaway Bunny        Let's Make Rabbits

    I Went Walking    Ants                                Wheels on the Truck


    Friday, April 15th Tularcitos Crazy Hair Day

    Mon., April 18th-22nd Spring Vacation!
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