Dear Parents,
         We are planning an exciting year! The 2nd grade teachers enjoy teaching together, so students will be meeting and working with both of us each week.  We love to learn in 2nd grade! Our focus is scholarly behaviors and personal best work.  Second graders are the role models for the primary level.
         Some of the things we will be exploring in social studies are: heroes, maps and communities, the government and our family heritage. In science we will investigate some very interesting topics. Sound, forces and motion, geology and plant and animal lifecycles are among the focus topics. Are you ready to regroup, multiply and divide? That is what we will be learning in math this year. We also love to read everyday. We will read many fabulous fiction stories and nonfiction works. Fieldtrips let us interact with experts in their fields. We go to Point Lobos, the Marina Landfill, the Santa Lucia Preserve and other fascinating places.                     
         I look forward to meeting you and your 2nd grade scholars on the first day of school!

    Lynn Handshy
Last Modified on June 7, 2011