• Internet safety

    Steve DeWarns's five internet safety tips for students.
    I will never answer a message that makes me feel threatened, confused, or uncomfortable. I will end the communication and tell the adult in charge of my internet use.
    I will never give out personal information (such as my name, address, password, telephone number, or school). THINK BEFORE YOU POST!
    I will not use a screen name that contains my name, address, birthday, or any other personal information.
    I will never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone I met online.
    I will never accept anything that a stranger sends me over the internet including e-mail, files, or the address for a web site. If I receive any message from a stranger, I will delete it without opening it.
    Tips for Parents:
    Children use a variety of online services, and each of these services can have different safety concerns. However, there are some basic tips which you can employ no matter how your children use the Internet.  
    • Keep the computer in a high-traffic area of your home.
    • Establish limits for which online sites children may visit and for how long.
    • Remember that Internet technology can be mobile, and make sure to monitor cell phones, gaming devices, and laptops.
    • Surf the Internet with your children and let them show you what they like to do online.
    • Know who is connecting with your children online and set rules for social networking, instant messaging, e-mailing, online gaming, and using webcams.
    • Continually dialogue with your children about online safety.

    Start a discussion with your child

    • What are your favorite things to do online?
    • What is personal information? Why should you keep it private?
    • What could you do to be safer online?
    • What would you do if anyone online asked to meet you face-to-face?
    • Besides me, who do you feel that you can talk to if you are in a scary or uncomfortable situation
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Last Modified on August 5, 2012