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Monthly Showcase Books - November

  • BC

    Native American Heritage Month, celebrated in November, is a special time to honor and learn about the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of Native American people. During this month, we take this opportunity to explore the history, art, music, and stories of the indigenous peoples of North America through our fabulous book display. It's a chance to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation for the unique heritage of Native Americans and their enduring impact on our society.  



  • red ribbonVeterans Day, observed on November 11th, is a significant national holiday in the United States dedicated to honoring and expressing gratitude to all military veterans who have served their country. It's a time to remember and pay tribute to the sacrifices and bravery of those who have served in the armed forces, protecting our freedom and democracy by visiting our book display in the Library. Take the opportunity to learn about the history of Veterans Day and show our support and appreciation for veterans. 



  • air

    Harvest Celebration Month, typically in the fall, is a time to rejoice in the bountiful harvest of crops that sustains us throughout the year. It's a festive season where we give thanks for the food we enjoy and the hard work of farmers. During this month, we learn about the importance of agriculture through our Library book display, enjoy delicious seasonal foods, and embrace the spirit of gratitude.



  • noshave

    No-Shave November is a fun and charitable tradition where people, typically men, grow out their facial hair during the month of November to raise awareness for men's health issues like prostate cancer. It's an opportunity to spark conversations about health and encourage regular check-ups. Many participants also donate the money they would have spent on grooming to organizations dedicated to these important health causes.



  • Sora: Ebooks and Audiobooks

    Sora- a collection of ebooks and audiobooks

    You can read these books on a computer, smart phone, tablet or e-reader.

    • To access the collection, login with your cusd.me or carmelunified.org username and password.
    • Once you have signed in, you can also add access to the public library's ebook and audiobook collection! 
      • Click here for directions to add the Northern California Digital Library to your Sora.


  • spelling

    Middle schoolers, get ready to unleash your inner wordsmith at the Scrips Spelling Bee! This linguistic showdown is your chance to showcase your spelling skills. While we're fine-tuning the details, explore the Spelling Bee world by visiting our CMS Spelling Bee website - simply click [here]. Keep an eye out for updates on dates and spelling lists. The buzz is building—let's spell success together! 📚🐝


  • GeoBee

    Geo Bee Champions, it's time for a tasty victory lap! We're celebrating the top 10 scorers with a delicious RG Burgers lunch. Swing by the library tomorrow, Thursday, to pick up your customized order and bask in the glory of your geographic triumph. Let's turn the library into a Geo Bee feast zone!






    How many Hershey Kisses are in the Jar?

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    Congrats to last month's winners!

    Jasmine J. (8th)



Art Class Paper Mache Masks displayed in the Library

Industrial Arts Student Made Cutting Boards displayed in the Library

  • Books R UsCome to the library at lunch on Wednesdays and chat with other book lovers. Share recommendations and get some books to add to your TBR (To Be Read) List. 

    Books + Friendship = BOOK CLUB!  

    Stop by our "Book Club Recommendations" display by the entrance in our library, updated weekly, to see what your fellow CMS students are reading.

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