All students will need:

    - Two3-ring binders: 2” for Science, Language Arts and Social Studies, and 1 ½” for Math

    - Notebook paper

    - Sturdy pencil pouch

    - Three sets of dividers (plastic dividers with pockets are best)

    - Pens, blue or black ink (no felt tips) - At least 2

    - Pens, red – At least one

    - # 2 Pencils - At least two

    - CHANGE:  Student will now use Google Calendar - not a paper calendar

    - Highlighters - several colors are useful

    - P.E. Supplies:

    1) Gray t-shirt and red P.E. shorts (may be purchased at Student Store)

    2) Socks and tennis shoes

    3) Optional sweatshirt and/or sweatpants (plain gray, white or red only)

    4) Composition book or spiral notebook, and pencil

    At home:

    - Ruler(6” or 12”) – Metric and/or standard

    - Compass/Protractor

    You may also find handy:

    - Cap erasers for pencils

    - Dictionary for use at home (Webster’s pocket one is fine)

    - Hole reinforcements (pull-off type are easiest to use)

    PLEASE NOTE: CMS is a National Green Ribbon School and we promote the use of reusable lunch containers or recycled/ compostable products when available.  We also ask that student NOT use single use plastic water bottles.  We have four location on campus where students can get cold, filtered water for their reusable bottles....GO COUGARS....GO GREEN!