Ms. Debi Proctor - Room 55

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Ms. Debi Proctor - Room 55

Learning languages is a fascinating and challenging process that ultimately brings us the gift of a greater connection to the whole world! We learn language through experiences, through working with others, through experimenting, and all the time continuing the process of developmental growth in content areas.
The most challenging hurdle for a language learner is to work at the advanced levels. This is when the comprehension of language is most demanding. Vocabulary is diverse in every academic area. Sorting out the meaning in reading and in the presentations made by teachers can be very confusing. Many students simply retreat: that's where I enter in! I help keep the students tuned into learning by reviewing the lessons or reworking them in such a way that the language learners find meaning, and participate more.
Language learning involves listening, speaking, reading, writing. There is so much build on within those areas!
At our school, we have co-teaching, pull-out groups, individual support, and other programs in the learning center that support language learners.

I love my work! I get to work with parents in native languages, service all students through the RtI program, collaborate with all teachers and staff, and the administration, too.
Language learning is a long-term, life-long process! It occurs through meaningful interactions, lessons, and challenging content. Native language proficiency actually contributes to English language learning, as the content comprehension is deeper and more complex, leading to higher thinking and the ability to make inferences. Learning languages and cultures is a benefit for all students.
Here's a link to the state ELD standards: