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Mrs. Davidson, Room 8

Welcome to our Technology /  STEAM Program!
Our technology program encompasses instruction on basic computer skills, coding, basic robotics and STEAM.  Our goals are to:
  • challenge students to think critically  
  • help students persevere and problem solve
  • teach students to use technology as a tool for classroom learning and develop skills to use through school and beyond
  • help students learn to use technology effectively, responsibly and safely
First grade visits the computer lab once each week, and grades 2-5 have computer instruction in their classroom using their chrome books.  Students work on grade level activities, which are designed to develop their computer, keyboarding and research skills. Tech projects are tied closely to classroom curriculum so that these projects reinforce classroom learning. 
Additionally, students learn basic coding through the use of the websites and Scratch.  We also have fun with basic robotics, starting in first grade, and do at least one STEAM project each year.  In grades 3-5, students have the opportunity to use multi-media applications to create short videos. 
We also provide grade level appropriate instruction on digital citizenship - internet safety, good digital etiquette, using the internet for research.  Upper grades use Google Docs and Moodle - please click on the link below for more information on these programs
 Again, please don't hesitate to email, call or stop by if you have any questions about the technology that your student is using!!