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    Verónica Craft

    School Counselor, MA, PPSC
    831.624.4609 x3218


    CUSD Counseling Program

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of the school counseling program in the Carmel Unified School District Community is to ensure that all students develop the academic, career and personal/social knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to become lifelong learners who are prepared for the challenges of continuing education, the workplace, and their role as self-actualizing citizens in an ever-changing global community.


    Hello, and welcome to the River School Counseling web page!

    Carmel River School is an incredible community of students, teachers, and staff. We have the gift of wonderful supportive families and an exquisite setting in which to do our work. As the counselor for River School, my role is to help students recognize and grow into their full potential. I have the privilege of consulting with teachers, parents, and children, all with the aim of navigating the bumps in the road and maximizing the inherent goodness and abilities within each child.

    Recently our district-wide counseling program has shifted gears to align more closely with the American School Counselor Association's National Standards. This shift has led us to re-evaluate the nature of our work and to hone the direction of our program with an eye to maximizing positive effects for our students.  

    Facets of the River School Counseling Program:

            * Individual and group counseling for identified children

               * Consultation with parents, teachers, and staff

               * Classroom Guidance lessons for personal/social and academic skill development

               * Peer based Welcome Buddies program

               * Parent Education classes (not offered every year on campus, but I can assist with outside referral information)
               * Coordination and support of the Character Education program
               * Crisis Intervention
    Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have regarding your child's success or well-being at school.
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Last Modified on January 13, 2021