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  • Carmel High School Incident Update


    This is a safety update from Carmel High School. Law enforcement and CUSD employees have swept campus, Law enforcement will remain on campus as an extra precaution. Students have returned to classes and will be released at the normal 2:15 time. Buses and athletics will also be on a normal schedule.


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  • Carmel High School Incident 

    At approximately 12:20 this afternoon, the Carmel High School office received a bomb threat phone call.  We don’t yet know if the threat is credible. The Monterey County Sheriff’s Department and Carmel Police Department are at the school working together with staff to sweep the campus and assess the threat.  


    As a precaution, students have been safely relocated to the evacuation area.  We have decided to shelter the students and not to release them at this point.  We ask you to please refrain from coming to the campus, which would create a bottleneck. We will update you as soon as we receive more information.


    As always, your student’s safety is our top priority.

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  • Second Edition of #WeAreCarmelUnified

    Dear Parents and CUSD employees:

    A Chicago colleague asked recently, “What is the name of your new school district?” “Carmel Unified,” I responded.  “Unified? ” she inquired as though she had misheard. I quickly responded, “Yes, in Chicago we would call it a Unit District. It serves students in grades K-12. Actually we also have a preschool program here, so it’s actually pre-K to grade 12, but it’s about the same thing as a unit district.”

    Lately, I’ve realized there’s more to it than my first simple explanation.I have a growing understanding and appreciation for the power-- and the potential-- implied by the word “Unified” that we carry in our district name, and I am proud to be the superintendent of a district that strives to live out this notion of being “unified.”  It is one of the qualities that makes us distinctive. Let me explain this by sharing a couple of recent experiences.

    Click #WeAreCarmelUnified for the full article. 


    Barb Dill-Varga, Ed.D.


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    August 2017:


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