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    You probably have heard about Common Core State Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment by reading articles in newspapers and magazines.  You have also received e-mails from both the Carmel Unified School District Office and Carmel Valley High School.  We are currently implementing the new standards at our school site.  If you want additional information about Common Core State Standards or the Smarter Balanced Assessment, please click on the tab in the upper left hand corner of the Carmel Valley High School website. 

    One of the most important posters hanging in every classroom at Carmel Valley High School is the Schoolwide Learner Outcomes.  These student outcomes are addressed daily in the classroom through actions, discussion, or assignments.  We are responsible to update and refine these outcomes to ensure they are relevant and practical for all students at our school.  They are as follows:

    Carmel Valley High School will prepare its 

     graduates to be: 


    • who effectively articulate ideas in both oral and               written form.
    • who demonstrate competent use of technology in                   aquiring and presenting information.

    Valuable Community Members:

    • who adhere to acceptable standards of behavior.
    • who show respect for self, others, and the               environment by making responsible decisions.

    Higher-Level Thinkers:

    • who use appropriate problem-solving strategies.
    • who produce high-quality work.

    Self-directed Learners:

    • who are punctual, prepared, and productive.
    • who use a variety of resources to answer questions and form opinions.

    Please give me a call if you have any questions about the Common Core Standards, Smarter Balanced Assessment, or the Schoolwide Learner Outcomes.

    Thank you,
    Tom Stewart
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    Online Registration for Returning Students  2015-2016 School Year
    May 1st - May 31st
    Last Day of School - Graduation 10am
    Fri. June 5th
    2015-2016 - First Day of School 
    Wed. August 12th 

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